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An Evolutionary Process to
Awaken Inspiration
Focus Intention
Manifest Fulfillment

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The Way of Joy
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From her 40 years as a Chi Kung practitioner, Master Teacher Vicki Dello Joio has developed a profound and practical system for conscious living. In this book, you will learn how Joy can fuel your life, guide every choice you make, and sustain you even in your most challenging times.

Vicki demonstrates how Joy is a life-force, a fuel we can draw from, allowing us to embrace life's complexities while expanding our capacity to achieve our full potential.

Inspired by Taoist philosophy, Vicki presents a world-view of three Laws, Principles, and Practices within the context of three realms: Heaven (Inspiration) Human (Intention) and Earth (Manifestation). The practice chapters include Chi Kung forms with illustrations, meditations, and writing as well as self-observation exercises.

Using vivid stories, each Law, Principle, and Practice is so clearly articulated and beautifully integrated that the book becomes a vibrant, multi-dimensional map for living.

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Within Motion, Stillness; Within Stillness, Motion
Chi Moves in the Space Between
Circles Open into Spirals


Balance Brings Harmony
Boundaries Dissolve Barriers
Integrity Activates Change


Embrace Wholeness (Tao)
Cultivate Discernment
Allow Alchemy

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Best Buy: Purchase the Book and CD together for just $35!
(plus tax if shipping to California)

1. Candle Meditation: Illuminating the Wisdom of Your Observer Self (6:39) Center yourself during times you feel uncertain or confused about choices you are making or when you simply want to enter into a moment of stillness.

2. Age, Youth and the Eternal Present (8:59) Enter a state of timelessness as you join the wisdom of your “future self” with the vitality of your “past self” and return to the only time there is: the present moment.

3. Quantum Meditation (8:13) Open internal space when you feel stuck or stressed to experience being, on a quantum level, pure energy, made up of more than 99% space with particles in motion.

4. Solar Plexus Bowl* (8:59 after introduction) Relax and open your solar plexus to nourish and increase your energetic boundaries (wei qi).

5. Three Minute Refresher expanded (6.57) Align with your inspiration, intention, and inner power with this “mini” breath practice.

6. Brook Meditation: Activating the Flow (5:53) Experience the tingling effervescence of your chi as it moves through your body, mind, and spirit.

7. Inspired by the Mystery (3:01) A meditation song written and performed by Sherry Mouser.

*Solar Plexus Bowl, written by Damaris Jarboux and read by Vicki Dello Joio, with generous permission from the author. Thank you Damaris! All other meditations ©2009 Vicki Dello Joio, Music ©2009 Sherry Mouser. All rights reserved.

The Way of Joy:
Short Meditations for a Busy Life
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This audio cd is both a companion piece to The Way of Joy book and can also "stand alone" even if you haven't read the book. Vicki initially wrote these meditations because friends and students so often told her that they “wish they could meditate, but just don’t have time.”

Less than 10 minutes each, these six practices create an experience of “time out of time,” whether at the start of your day, during a lunch break, to counteract an afternoon slump in your energy, or before you go to bed.

The CD contains all six meditations from the practice chapters in the book with exquisite accompanying music by Sherry Mouser. Plus there is a special bonus meditation song, "Inspired by the Mystery," written and performed by Sherry.

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Best Buy: Purchase the Book and CD together for just $35!
(plus tax if shipping to California)

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