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Praise for "The Way of Joy":

Most Westerners believe that fitness equals good body mechanics: hard muscles, flexible joints, strong lungs, a slow heart rate and low blood pressure. Eastern traditions of self-cultivation such as Qigong, emphasize a different goal: a moving synchrony of body, breath and mind that generates an experience of complete integration. What emerges from such a feeling of natural power is, simply, joy. In The Way of Joy, Vicki Dello Joio builds a bridge for us to cross, from East to West, and a way for us to weave together again what has come unraveled—our selves.

—Efrem Korngold, OMD, LAc, co-author of Between Heaven and Earth, A Guide To Chinese Medicine

For me, The Way of Joy is a sacred text. Having studied with Vicki Dello Joio for 13 years, I have learned that out of her deep well of knowledge and wisdom, she has drawn brilliant, utterly fresh insights from which I continually drink, filling me with nourishing waters that flow throughout my life. My study with her is central to my spiritual path; she has taught me to fully embody my spirit, even during years of chronic illness.

I already know that my copy of The Way of Joy will be underlined, highlighted, dogeared, and rubbed at the edges—transferred from bedside table to briefcase to backpack, traveling with me every day of my journey. This book reveals the soul of the teacher—like Vicki herself, it is astute and gracious, reverent and funny, crystalline clear and inviting: Pure joy to read and revel in!

—Rev. Dr. Monza Naff, Exec. Dir., Inner Growth Services and Author of Exultation: A Poem Cycle in Celebration of the Seasons

Vicki and I were both founding members of the Women’s Qigong Alliance, an organization dedicated to exploring the challenges of applying ancient Eastern systems in contemporary Western culture, and of doing so as women. Over more than ten years as a student of the The Way of Joy, I’ve found this integrated system to provide a framework for deep inquiry as well as a support for healing.

I’ve been privileged to witness Vicki’s embodied masterhood and I’m in awe of how she has integrated her philosophy and practice in this book As you will see, Vicki teaches through her own example, through clear and respectful communication, through beautiful images and stories, and always, always through allowing the wisdom of the practice to illuminate. It’s inspiring to see this work rippling out to a wider audience.

—Michele Chase, Chair, Holistic Health Education Graduate Program, John F Kennedy University

I have taken The Way of Joy with me on my teaching trips across several states and countries, always with the thought in mind that I must share this book with those who can benefit...which is everyone. Written in Vicki's inspiring, expressive voice and filled with enduring Qigong concepts and exercises, you will be taken on a journey of self-inquiry and re-discovery that brings you back to your authentic self. The Way of Joy is filled with practical wisdom for anyone on the path of self-mastery.

As a master teacher herself, Vicki illuminates "the way" with heart, humor, grit and grace. Her deep understanding of the laws, principles and practices that govern our existence creates a springboard from which to launch our inner and outer explorations. With the skill and intuitiveness of a loving mother knowing her chicks are ready to fly, Vicki gives you a peck on the cheek, a pat on the back and a gentle shove out of your comfort zone, urging you into the unknown to embrace your freedom and your joy with The Way of Joy as protection in stormy weather.

— Daisy Lee, Founder of Radiant Lotus Qigong; Advanced Instructor and Clinical Practitioner certified by the National Qigong Association

Vicki Dello Joio is one of those people whose life work is a calling, who can look back and see that she was on her path even before she knew it. She has extensive training from exceptional masters in numerous martial arts, mime, and theater; a deep understanding of Taoist principles; and decades of experience as a gifted master teacher of Chi Kung.

Vicki has integrated this wealth of experience with her own wisdom and created an amazingly intricate, workable system for accessing and using energy as a life force to draw upon, giving us greater power to consciously maximize our potential. She exposes common myths that can hold us in self-defeating, closed circles and shows us, with great clarity, how to find the “pivot point” for moving out of the circle into spirals of growth.

Vicki makes it all so accessible, both in how she presents her unique concepts and the practical tools she offers for making life an art, with soul. Having had the privilege of being one of the editors for Vicki’s book, I can tell you with absolute confidence, every time I read from the pages of The Way of Joy, my life is changed.

—Sharon Strand Ellison, author of Taking The War Out of Our Words

Praise for the CD: "Short Meditations for a Busy Life"

I love the CD.  It has become a part of my life! At any appropriate moment during the day, I  can pop the CD into my computer and choose one of seven meditations and away I go.  Each offers a distinct adventure into consciousness but they share the same outcome: a calmer and clearer me. 

Vicki Dello Joio’s voice is extraordinary and the music behind it further deepens these hypnotic, magical meditations. They offer me an easy and accessible pause in my day as they invite me to travel to a deep and satisfying experience of myself. Now I can successfully meditate, a previously unattainable goal! Thank you, Vicki Dello Joio!

—Mimi Leonard Fleischman, Director, Bar Method Los Angeles

Short and effective, the music is wonderful, soothing, and your voice is absolutely one of the best I’ve heard on this type of CD. For over a dozen years I have been a pursuer of meditation CDs for my own personal use and for referral to my clients. 

This is the first CD I have experienced that is one I know will be ideal for my C-Suite level executive clientele --  professional, with exceptional sound quality and, the best: each meditation is short and effective.  Get in, get out and the results are that you’re grounded, centered, and clear minded. 

I’m going to recommend that a favorite on this CD be placed on cell phones for just-in-time accessibility. Having it on my phone was extremely helpful for me this week as I used it to ground myself and stay centered while in the waiting room at a hospital.

—Dory Willer, PCC, SPHR, 2003 International Coach of the Year, Certified Executive Life Coach — Beacon Quest Coaching

I am a professor at a competitive art/professional school and was discussing the concept of "sharpening the saw" with my high-performing students who'd said they wanted to take breaks but felt guilty if they spent any free time on something that wasn't their classwork. We practiced Vicki's Brook meditation in class one week and the students reported feeling refreshed and marked improvement in their energy - and the meditation is less than 6 minutes long! I appreciate the resources to offer my students ways to take care of themselves.

—Irene Nexica, CA College of the Arts

We frequently choose one of these meditations to open our Reiki healing circle to allow us to move into a deep and quiet space before the ‘lightwork’ begins.  I especially enjoy the Quantum Meditation as it reminds me of who and what we are in the larger picture and how beautifully everything fits together. It allows us to really observe the movement of chi in space.  I heartily recommend this CD for quick, deep and joyful meditation for everyday.

—Patricia Morrison, Reiki Master and Teacher, Lightworkers Unlimited, Hayfork, California

An excellent way to stay balanced in the workplace. I just close the door and listen to one 5-10 minute track and I feel like my whole chemistry changes. On a cellular level, I feel renewed, the edges soften, and I can ground myself.

—Professor Joyce Lu, Phd, Artist and Educator, Los Angeles, California

Vicki's meditation CD takes me to a place of perfect relaxation. I love to get into bed, turn out the light, and let her lovely voice and the soothing background music gently guide me to a state of blissful tranquility. The CD is an exquisite tool for the relief of stress or anxiety. I usually melt into a peaceful sleep at the end.

—Barbara Edwards, Artist, Weaverville, California

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