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Qigong Outdoors in Temescal Park, Oakland:

Wake up and feel the qi!
Join us Friday mornings for more qigong in the park.
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Rock Star Speakers Showcase is an event of stories to move, inspire you,
make you laugh, cry and tap into your greatness!

Featuring members of VIcki Dello Joio's Rock Star Speaking Class:
Jen Duchene, Christel Arcucci, Christy Tu, Jolen Philbrook, Sherry Mouser, Suzanne Waligore,
Dot Claire, Sandra Edwards, Anna Blumberg and Sunshine Sue.



Boost your momentum for Spring with the
Blossom in the Spring Starter Pack!

Enjoy the power of a virtual course in your own home and timing:



Professional member of the National Qigong Association.

Host of the popular National Qigong Association monthly tele-summit, QiTalks.

2nd Thursday of the month.

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